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OMG's No Holds Barred 2017: Project Treasure Map Mastermind is your unstoppable advantage. We've collected hundreds and hundreds Earnings Reports and thousands of testimonials from OMG'ers in the last four years.

Now it's your turn!

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Our program in a nutshell, is to give you a massive advantage, navigate you through, and then to get you over the finish line, when it comes to online money-getting. It is centralized in a membership area portal that you will receive immediate access to. That area is your portal to extensive recorded training and then ongoing live webinars and our secret and private Facebook community group. Our progam gets extraordinary amounts of success from its members, and is about the mastery and monetization of search engine marketing, particularly focused on Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

Our training is performed by co-founders who are currently ultra-successful, with millions in earnings, doing what they are training about, all within the same OMG framework. We are entering our 5th year. This is your year to go big and win! It is all here for you inside of NHB 2017!

Here is how the year will progress: A ton of existing training is already there for you right now, immediately. Webinars are recorded, of course, and the replays are posted in your members area permanently.

Here is our refund policy: Even though we feel that OMG NHB 2017 is very inexpensive for what you get, we recognize that it is still a significant investment of your hard earned money, and we take that very seriously. We ask that you be pleasant and positive with other members and with us.

Much like a university course, we don't offer refunds because we take care of our OMG'ers like family, and we want people who are committed like we are to serious-minded online money getting. We also reveal many secrets that are available to you instantly upon purchasing. Our ultra-successful coaches are only comfortable revealing such secrets because of our no-refund policy.

Give us a try for at least 3 months! Many members, by that time, are already paying for their membership with money earned with OMG training, or are well on their way towards doing that, in a way that they know it is all happening!

Please Note: There are no upsells! We accept visa, mastercard, and amex.

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Is OMG NHB 2017 worth $100,000?

Here are a couple of images from Facebook group threads that we are extremely proud of and grateful for. The first image, below, is when we spontaneously asked our members, on a Q&A webinar one day, to post if they felt the program was worth $100,000 (the actual price is much less than that, of course). Here was the response:

Then, after our recent 230 person live event in November 2015, OMG Live, Kotton Grammer, our coach who makes around $500,000/month doing Search Engine Marketing consulting for local business clients, asked attendees the same type of question on his Facebook wall, and here was the response:

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