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OMG NHB 2014: Project J

From the desk of Mike Long
Monday 6 PM
Nashville, TN

Mike Long here on behalf of myself, Greg Morrison, David Mills, Kotton Grammer, Liz Herrera, Joshua Fletcher, Joe Marfoglio, and Stephen Floyd.

Nov 23 update: Incredible news! OMG’s No Holds Barred coaching has just opened its doors for early bird registration for 2016, for a very limited time! Our program typically takes about 3-4 months to master, but for the first time, our multiple live weekly webinars will be included for 12 entire months, to help you build and navigate throughout the year. We’ll keep you on the cutting edge all year as we also help you navigate through all twists, turns, and obstacles on the way to massive online business success, OMG-style. Seasoned by over 3 years of success, we’ll also keep it new and fresh for all of 2016!

Make sure to also check out our incredible >400 person earnings reports page! Click here! (We actually are over 500 for earnings reports, but we’ve gotten so many recently that I haven’t had a chance to put the most recent ones up on the page quite yet.)

Then make sure to also check out our incredible testimonials page! Click here! (Yes, at OMG, we have so much proof and praise, for which we are so grateful, that we actually need, for clarity, to separate our earnings reports from our testimonials and put them on two different web pages.)

(To receive updates and notifications about OMG, make sure to join our community email list, below.)

I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but I suggest you read this immediately…

…because in the last year alone, over 200 people from our small underground coaching community, most of them beginners and newbies, have gone from $0 to mid $4-figures or $5-figures PER MONTH. Read on, and you’ll even be exposed to video after video of individual members explaining how they reached $20,000 month in profit – more than most doctors make.

Becker Speaks Out on OMG NHB
Click through here to inspect this image.

    “The NHB Coaching Community is where I go to stay up to date with SEO” – Alex Becker

Some, like Alex Becker and several others, have even reached the neighborhood of $6-figures per month.

Here’s why – the OMG (One Man Gang) NHB (No Holds Barred) Project Assimilation formula:

You get an immediate advantage: all of our training, up front, straight from people who are currently having massive success and showing you just how they are doing it. You’ll learn from the best of the best how to harness search engines to get free traffic, which will serve as your foundation. Then you’ll learn how to monetize your free traffic ability. You can do one or all of: client consulting, Amazon eCommerce, your own products, and/or affiliate marketing.

(Fair warning for anybody already doing, or thinking of doing, Amazon: Although OMG has always been the place you MUST be if you are taking advantage of Google and YouTube Search Engine Optimization, OMG is now the place you absolutely MUST be for Amazon as well – read on down below and in a few minutes you’ll read about some of the eye-popping advantages OMG’ers now get.)

Our training includes step-by-step, and also demonstration of actual websites and product listings, and also discussion. Be warned: we have a LOT of training, at this point, but you don’t need to master all or even most of it in order to create or increase your income. Our training is all by people who are currently doing exactly what they are training about and having massive success.

You get an ongoing advantage: ongoing updates, additional training, incredible and exclusive resources, additional demonstration, and consistent live Q&A and Discussion “Office Hours” webinars with our coaches who are at or well above the $50,000/month level with their own, outside-of-OMG duplicatable online businesses. Our coaches are also in-sync with each other doing their own versions of the same basic formula (free traffic + monetization). You will have options, but it all forms a coherent and integrated whole. This ongoing advantage will continue through all of 2016!

You get a permanent advantage: you have permanent access to your training and membership area, and you are a permanent member of our exclusive, vibrant, positive, and professional Facebook group and subgroups.

As an OMG’er, you are on the permanent inside track to success online, and are permanently surrounded, encouraged, and helped by hundreds of other people having similar success.

Here’s how it all happened:

When I was starting out with trying to build wealth on the internet, about 10 years ago, I just wanted one thing, but it was incredibly hard to find, at any price. What I wanted was to see it working for real, to see somebody who had a working business, and to see that business over their shoulder, and be able to ask them questions. I wanted to see how they were really getting their traffic (visitors to their web pages) and how they were converting those visitors into customers, and how much money they were really making.

You hear all sorts of claims, but I so desperately wanted the reality behind the claims. And I didn’t just want little pieces of reality, which could give me a very distorted picture of what was really going on and cause me to run off in all sorts of wrong and unproductive directions. Could even one person who was making money just show me what was really going on and answer some questions I might have about it?

Essentially, no.

I couldn’t buy that anywhere. They were selling packaged courses showing a sanitized version of things, like a collection of lessons that they thought would sound good. People selling these courses were, in many cases, really making some money, and they really knew some valuable things, but everything you could buy ended up being piecemeal and incomplete and so much of it contradicted other sources, much like trying to figure out from gurus what health food is really best to eat.

I ended up falling back on skills that helped me become popular in High School. I wasn’t like one of those bullies shown in high school movies, but I was good at bringing people together and having a wide circle of friends. For whatever reason, that ability comes naturally to me. Using it, I was able to get invited to really come to the actual homes and offices of successful internet money-getters, and see what they were really depositing each day into their bank accounts and see how the money was being made.

I saw how they got their web traffic, how they made their sales, and also they explained to me how they made or found products to sell or promote. I’ll forever be grateful to the handful of people who helped me in that way. I’m certain that those generous people shaved ten or twenty years off of how long, if ever, it would have otherwise taken me to succeed.

With their help, my success was nearly instantaneous. When you absolutely know that it is for real, and when you have seen how it all really works, it is like a switch flips inside of you, and everything is just so much easier and certain.

OMGMachines training and coaching and community, our No Holds Barred Project Assimilation, is purely based on giving you what I just described above that made all of the difference for me.

It started with just us, just myself and Greg Morrison and David Mills, opening up our businesses and methods and training to you, and over the last two years, we’ve accumulated several more folks, from inside of our membership and our culture, not “gurus” from outside, who likewise have generously opened their businesses and methods to our community in what we call extra “modules” that have been added to our training.

We’ve accumulated hundreds of successful folks, despite the fact that we are underground guys with just hundreds of total members, not several thousands, because we prefer to remain moderate in size. Therefore, out of such a small group, having hundreds of success stories is beyond eye-popping. I’d hesitate to even let you know it was that many, given how unbelievable it can feel to people who are just hearing of us, but we have so many of them on video and audio, and they are all right inside of our wonderfully active private Facebook group community.

We also do something rather unique: we have this letter posted on a blog page with open comments, and dozens and dozens of our members have posted their thoughts there, as well.

Here are a couple of images from Facebook group threads that we are extremely proud of and grateful for. The first image, below, is when we spontaneously asked our members, on a Q&A webinar one day, to post if they felt the program was worth $100,000 (the actual price is much less than that, of course). Here was the response:

Then, after our recent 200 person live event in November 2015, OMG Live, Kotton Grammer, our coach who makes around $500,000/month doing Search Engine Marketing consulting for local business clients, asked attendees the same type of question on his Facebook wall, and here was the response:

Here are some stories of our real people:

Make sure to check out our incredible >400 person earnings reports page! Click here! (We actually are over 500 for earnings reports, but we’ve gotten so many recently that I haven’t had a chance to put the most recent ones up on the page quite yet.)

Then make sure to also check out our incredible testimonials page! (Yes, at OMG, we have so much proof and praise, for which we are so grateful, that we actually need, for clarity, to separate our earnings reports from our testimonials and put them on two different web pages.)

We’ve got a woman who started by helping her local church get a little more visibility in the North Carolina town she lives in for a couple hundred dollars per month…and then she spread her wings adding more and more business…and in each of the last 2-months she’s made over $15,000 for a total of over $30,000!

Abby Speaks Out on OMG NHB
Click through here to inspect this image.

We’ve got a guy who’s a brand new daddy who just months ago was crawling around furnace hot attics in the middle of the scorching Phoenix Arizona Summer fixing AC units who promised himself he was going to finally stop living hand-to-mouth and turn everything around.

Fletch Before
Click through here to inspect this image.

Back then his 2-week pay-checks were $2 thousand some odd on a good week…and much less on a bad week…now his 2-week paychecks are in the $10,000 range for doing a mix of affiliate marketing and local client consulting. Fletch wanted to contribute to helping other OMG’ers succeed as he did, and he became our first member to become a coach to supplement the original One-Man-Gang that OMGmachines was founded on, Greg Morrison.

Fletch Speaks Out on OMG NHB
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Tim Schmidt Speaks Out on OMG NHB
Click through here to inspect this image.

(Update! He’s just added an all new profit-stream of an additional $5,200/month in September, and $6,400 in October!)

Becker Speaks Out on OMG NHB
Click through here to inspect this image.

Kotton joined us January 15, 2014, as a beginner to Search Engine Marketing and online money-getting. He’s put over a million (Nov 2015 update: 5 million) in the bank since, and is now a hugely valued coach inside of OMG as well:

Click through here to inspect this image.

Introducing OMG NHB 2016: Project Assimilation

OMG NHB 2015: Project B

We provide:

  • $6-FIGURE PER MONTH COACHING! Weekly Coaching Office Hours Webinar with Greg Morrison, the guy I call the One Man Gang. While others are getting “coached” by $20/hour “coaches” hired off craigslist, or by clueless interns, Greg makes $6-figures per month doing hard core SEO in every market from health, to precious metals to relationship advice. He’s the guy personally answering your SEO questions on coaching Webinars. Office Hours coaching for this season will extend through all of 2016!
  • More superstar $6-Figure/month webinars and OFFICE HOURS! In addition to Greg, you’ll be getting lots of live Office Hours and Webinar appearances from >$500,000/month OMG superstar Kotton Grammar, plus Joe Marfoglio, plus Joshua Fletcher, plus Stephen Floyd, all of whom are mega-successful, with current online businesses ranging from ~$50,000/month to $500,000/month, PROFIT and DUPLICATABLE. (Office Hours coaching for this season will extend through all of 2016!)
  • DOMINATE and CONTROL your online destiny with Search Engine Marketing Greg, Kotton, Stephen, Joe, and Fletch take you carefully through their process search engine supremacy of Google and YouTube. Internet search engines provide the lifeblood (traffic, visitors, leads, prospects, potential customers) to businesses and websites worldwide. The world changed about a dozen years ago, and the reason we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of successful OMG’ers is because we harness this new reality of search engine marketing.
  • The best AMAZON advantage money can buy! If Amazon and eCommerce appeal to you, then OMG is definitely the place you MUST be! In addition to careful training, critical insider without-which-you-will-likely-fail techniques, over-the-shoulder demonstration of real listings by mega-successful earners, conversion training and demonstration, we also have additional must-have advantages that we don’t even disclose outside of our private membership. Learn from $500/000 month Liz Herrera and several other $6-figure/month Amazon underground mega-stars!
  • MONEY-GETTING! Watch over-our-shoulder as we lead you through proven money-getting websites, currently working strategies, and Amazon listings. Experience the difference of being surrounded by so many coaches and members who are currently succeeding online with the exact techniques they are teaching you and navigating you through. If hundreds and hundreds can do it, and if you have consistent help from coaches who are doing it, you just may have found the best opportunity of your life.
  • DAY JOB KILLER! DJK Local client consulting: This is what I call one of the two most powerful forms of Monetization that we’ve found for beginners, because you can start making big paychecks on day 1 even before you start ranking websites. We call it Day Job Killer because SO MAY OMG’ers have given their boss the middle-finger award because of it. And we’ve got tools, templates, training, role-playing videos and resources that nobody in the world has. Note: that even some of our most “shy” coaching community members are our most successful at this!
  • AFFILIATE/CPA! The boxer shorts on-your-couch dream made real because of the power of free traffic. This is very real and doable and happening right now for many of the folks in our coaching community. Each of these can be a GOLD MINE, if you know what you’re doing. Our rich templates and top-secret tricks will put you miles ahead of the competition.
  • Updates! When you join OMG NHB 2016, you receive access to all of our training. We don’t hold back and “drip out” our training, because our priority is your success, and we don’t want to hold back something for 3 months that you may need today. However, we are adding training all of the time as we discover new things, have new successes, or as Google, YouTube, and Amazon implement gradual changes to their Search Engine algorithm. Each change gets YOU farther ahead, as an OMG’er. Plus, our successful members love to give back and contribute to the community, so we often have additional strategies revealed in videos they make showing what they are doing now that is innovative and working to put cash in their wallets. Giving back and paying it forward is a powerful belief inside of the OMG community. As you succeed, we hope that you will help others, as our current successful members will be helping you.
  • COMMUNITY! Our OMG NHB Team Membership Group is a lifetime access over-the-top opportunity to share test results, networking, and triumphs with dozens of $5-figure per month earners, several $6-figure per month earners and a number of up-and-comers all with access to the same elite level training, software and support. Members rave that this alone is worth more than the price of admission.

As you can see, it’s an unstoppable advantage!

Is there a catch?

David Mills here, to make sure to explain what we do and don’t offer in our One Man Gang No Holds Barred training, coaching, and mastermind program.

I designed OMG along with Mike Long. At first, OMG was designed around $100,000/month search engine marketer Greg Morrison. Greg was willing to share every detail of his highly duplicatable search engine marketing strategy, “no holds barred” style. Greg just has a personality where he wasn’t (and still isn’t) afraid that to show what he is really doing to rank on Google, and then to monetize those web properties. He wanted to help others, and he knew that had to be the best way. He didn’t think it would hurt his business to reveal just how he did things without holding back, and it sure hasn’t.

Mike and myself had been highly successful doing online business product launches for about 7 years before we started OMG, and I also have a background in accelerating learning and success coaching, and I knew that, with Greg in the mix, we could create something extra-special. The key would be to create just the right environment where coaching members could get all the help they needed from Greg, without burning Greg out. Remember, all on his own, separately from him doing OMG coaching, Greg was doing 6 figures per month of online business himself. He had a heart for coaching, but for everything to work, we needed him to keep up with his own business that formed the basis for what he was showing others to do.

Therefore, we acknowledge a few reality-based limitations the good of all. We now have several more coaches, all of whom, like Greg, are ultra-successful doing the same duplicatable search engine driven online business, plus they have a heart for coaching and sharing what they are really doing, and those boundaries have proven to be just right for creating the optimal positive environment for members and coaches.

Reality-based limitation 1: OMG doesn’t include telephone coaching. If that were possible, we’d be all for it, but we have to operate within the bounds of reality. We have extensive recorded training, by the coaches, kept fresh and updated, that should serve as your foundation, and then multiple weekly webinars where topics are discussed and all questions are answered. If for some reason it just isn’t possible to get to all questions on a webinar, we’ll add more, but normally everything has worked out great in the past. Our coaches do typically respond to Facebook messages or email, but we cannot promise that fully. Although our methods are typically mastered in 3-4 months, the live webinars continue all year to help you build and navigate to greater and greater success.

Reality-based limitation 2: Although we have a ton of step-by-step training, you should be aware that we do not believe it is possible, or even helpful, to try to give a one-size-fits-all A-Z push-button blueprint that everybody can exactly follow to become rich. Instead, our ultra-successful coaches show what they do, and then help navigate you through your individual path. We believe that OMG is the shortcut, but if you expect to cut corners even past that, it will probably backfire on you. OMG is for the serious-minded person who wants a massive advantage, not for the person who wants it all done for them. You’ll need to think and act like an entrepreneur, not an employee.

Reality-based limitation 3: We do not offer refunds. This is our simple way of starting off on the right foot, where only the serious-minded join our program. We’ve had the same policy for 3 years now. Our payment plan is expected to be paid in full. If you run into a financial disaster, we understand if you need to cancel it. However, it should not be treated as a subscription to be canceled, any more than you would eat at a restaurant and leave without paying. You will get your full-years’ tuition’s worth within your first month. You’ve seen the Facebook threads showing that our program is worth $100,000 or more, even though it doesn’t cost nearly that much.

That’s it! Get ready to join the winning team!

A full year of training and coaching and masterminding with just Greg Morrison, or just Kotton Grammer, or Liz Herrera, or Stephen Floyd, or Joe Marfoglio, or Joshua Fletcher, would be a steal at $20,000.

Full payment for our program is $20,000 $6999. Or you can take advantage of our 12 month payment plan, for only $599/month.

One opportunity you’ve secured by getting this far is right now we’re giving you the opportunity right now to join our “The OMG Way” email dispatches, including News and updates. You’ll have to fill in your email below and go immediately to your email inbox to verify your membership and then return to this letter:

(Then make sure to whitelist emails from omg@omgmachines.com and if you’re using Gmail then move our emails into your primary email inbox and tell Gmail that you always want our emails to appear there. Also make sure to permanently enable images with our emails because they contain valuable training and news images.)

Please Note: There are no upsells!

Click through here, or on the button below, to join us for 1 payment of $6999.

Click through here, or on the button below, to join us for our extended payment plan, 12 payments of $599.

OMG NHB 2014: Project X

OMG NHB 2014: Project X

We know what $3000/day or more looks like to us and to our family. Now we want you to feel the difference too!

Now it’s your turn!

Please Note: There are no upsells!

Click through here, or on the button below, to join us for 1 payment of $6999.

Click through here, or on the button below, to join us for our extended payment plan, 12 payments of $599.

273 Responses to “#JoinTheWinningTeam – OMG No Holds Barred 2016 SEM training, navigation, and mastermind: Project A!”

  1. Steve says:

    NHB is one great course. I have been in a lot of coaching courses, but when you want answers to questions some support desk person gives you some answer that is not right. Here, Greg is the one that answers email, skype calls are great also. When you can get the main guy to answer your questions and it does not matter how many you ask, he is there for you all the time. If you want to excel, then join us in NHB, you won’t regret it and the best decision you will make in 2013.

  2. Krissy says:

    As a newbie to internet marketing and frustrated with all the “hyped up” online IM courses on Clickbank, I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Searching eagerly to find just one person who was willing to help James and I explore and excel at IM (on a personal level) was impossible. Little did I know we were one of the lucky newbies. About a month or two into the world of IM we discovered OMG. It was that investment that would bring us to the NHB program. Long story short, NHB has been a blessing to us. Greg has been totally patient, always helpful, and completely committed to our success. Skype chats are always informative and Facebook communication is great too. Members are always willing to offer guidance aw well. James and I have a long way to go, but with life time access to training videos, we have all the tools we need to build our own IM empire. Thank you Team NHB! You guys rock!

  3. Tim says:

    I’ve been in the SEO game since 2002 and after Penguin, left scratching my head for answers. I pushed my ego aside and joined up, like a freshmen attacking classes with a passion. It’s really a nice group they have here, and the people behind it have all been very responsive to any questions asked at webinars, skype chats, or emails. That’s really refreshing to have personal contact and to have an open forum with professionals who show you first hand what they are doing to make things happen online.

    This course can kick-start a new Internet Marketer or really teach an old dog new tricks. You can move at your leisure and apply methods to old and new sites you have in your portfolio. this is the best thing out there and it removed a lot of guess work for me. Recommended to anyone who is serious about their online business.

  4. Stephen says:

    No doubt, Greg has produced exactly what he said he would do! Every keyword I told him I wanted to rank for has happened since I joined in November 2012. Not only that, but TWO other sites in my niche are now ranked, setting me up for Search Engine Domination! And they aren’t even fully developed yet. Check out the stats on my main site: http://www.saundersmusiccompany.com. Instructional videos are informative, fresh, up-to-date, and RELEVANT! Definitely worth your time and money.

  5. Kurt says:

    I’ve gone through my share of IM courses and related training and have built websites and done some SEO, but always felt like I was missing some key information.

    The foundation that I got with OMG and NHB was exactly what I had always needed. It’s information I can trust and Greg teaches it so thoroughly that it can be easily followed and implemented step-by-step. Not only that, but it covers almost all conceivable advanced strategies to rank a website.

    I’ll be forever grateful for this training and am looking forward to building my skills and income. You guys are awesome and totally deliver the goods!!

  6. Lonnie Welch says:

    By far NHB has been the best web training I have ever had! All the videos and the Skype training has made this very easy to learn from. I originally got into this because I want to make my own website better and more efficient. Now because of this class I am now starting to build other websites that are becoming profitable.

  7. James says:

    Great news on all the success stories at NHB. I am still going through the basic OMG ebook n which is great and will check this out down the line.

  8. I am very new to SEO, but with the NHB training, I am quite confident that I can work my way through starting my own business in website creation and optimization. Te only site I had built prior to starting NHB, got ranked 1st on Google for its exact match keyword. I am now learning to write “cool” sales letters. I love to write and learn new things as a way to help people. The NHB lessons on building a client base, building websites, content, optimization, and troubleshooting are absolutely wonderful in the sense that they are straight to the point, easy to comprehend, and fascinatingly engaging. The NHB program offers resources that will save you time and money on searching for quality writers and spinners. Even though it is a great idea to do all the steps by yourself at first in order to learn the “craft”, once you become more experienced, you can allow yourself to employ other minds while using your own time wisely in creating more and more websites. While I am still at the point of doing everything myself for the purpose of learning, I can completely appreciate the information Greg and Mike are offering in the NHB training program when it comes to outsourcing. Greg is exceptionally professional with answering sleepless-nights’ questions via email. He answers within three days maximum. His Skype Q&A sessions can serve as an invaluable additional learning resource even if you choose to just read them. You may find that many people have the same concerns as you do, or you may feel encouraged when you see someone ask a question you managed to solve by yourself through Greg’s video sessions.
    With Mike’s videos, you can truly learn about total excitement and inspiration with website creation and client enticement, to a point when it becomes almost comprehensively ecstatic:) At the end, however, you can’t help but realize that, to have the success Mike has had so far, you have to be fully engaged in the business, you have to be excited about each aspect of it, and you gotta be creative in every single thing you do. From that point on, you’ll find your own best way to do the stuff that you learned from NHB’s teaching strategies. Once you’ve chosen a technique, commit to it and take it to the end. I am looking very much forward to lesson 6 as I am starting to work on my first business site. Thank you.

  9. Adam Dare says:

    Thought I might throw my two cents in here, Well I’m not new to Internet marketing never really made much, few dollars here and there but I guess that’s more than most who start. Well I ordered NHB training back in December 2012, and just went video by video, step by step just using an iPhone it’s a pain but its possible and well if you have no landline or real home computer access it’s the only way I can go, and by the first 2 weeks into December I already had myself 3 paying clients, each with websites that now rank in the top for their keywords, It’s not rocket science and what Greg and Mike show you is invaluable.. It does work I have done it off an iPhone and continue to do so. Your only limited to what your mind decides, and you only make it as far as your willing to go. I have a long way to go to get where I want to be but I’m more than sure I’m on the right track!

  10. Ron Brantley says:

    Hey Greg,

    Your character – disposition and personality are the best. I look forward to working with you and Mike in NHB in the near future.

    I’m currently going through the OMG shortcut and thoroughly enjoying every second of it. Can’t wait for NHB. Thanks for all y’all do….You and Mike are the best.

  11. David says:

    HI Guys..

    Well I have been in local seo for close to 5 years now and I was a bit hesitant to join OMG. But I was glad I did because I learned a lot for only a few hundred dollars. Then I made the decision to join NHB after about 2 months. Boy am I glad I did!! The gold nuggets I learned inside of NHB and in the Facebook group and Skype Group are invaluable.. I have even had conversations with other members on the phone and we have been helping each other with a lot of different things. This course pays for itself in mere days. You can’t get this kind of training and knowledge anywhere else on the internet. I am still in shock that I get replies back to my emails from Mike and Greg when previously every SEO authority blew me off and never returned my emails… If you are on the fence for this course, no need to wait, join today and start your path to independent living!!

  12. Stan P says:

    Amazing work Mike and Greg. It’s so amazing to see just how much devotion and just how much you guys put into helping everyday people change their entire life. There is no other system besides Bring the Fresh that even comes close to being realistic in 2013. Keep up the good work, still got a lot more people that needs you guys help.

  13. lee says:

    Hi Greg, I am hoping to come on board with NHB soon. My biggest problem with web sites is conversion. I can rank and do seo fine but can’t make any money from them, will NHB get me over this hurdle?

  14. Linda says:

    Super webinar with Mike Long. Being on a webinar with Mike or Greg is like having them sit right beside you answering questions. Many great tips and learned things I can do today to increase conversions on websites right now! You can’t go wrong with the course, or the absolutely wonderful community that exists within NHB:-)

  15. Lloyd says:

    Great webinar Mike really enjoyed your insights and site tips. Simple tips that make a great difference. You make it all look so easy. Thanks for your commitment to our success

  16. Alan says:

    Another great webinar – this time with Mike Long. There is just no substitute for live interaction. The whole NHB community is really something special

  17. Robert Turley says:

    It was great being able to get inside some of the genius of Mike Long on Saturday’s webinar. My biggest aha moments were personalizing images and videos; showing before and after (progression) in images. I can definitely see how making some minor changes for my physical item sales sites will help conversion and rankings, most of all to stand out against my competitors. I wouldn’t be surprised if this valuable info will bring my sales to a new level. This is an amazing team.

  18. Tim Edwards says:

    OMG NHB is an awesome program with very helpful people in it. I would recommend this course to anyone that truly wishes to learn about making money online and SEO. Dont mess with those $10 bargains that try to find some kind of loophole to make you instant money… believe me I have tried that route and got burned every time by Panda, Penguin and EMD. Learn the correct way to do this by people who have made millions of dollars online… not by selling courses but by actually being in the trenches, grinding it out. Mike Long and Greg Morrison Rock!!! I guarantee you will not be disappointed with their teachings.

  19. Brian Solari says:

    The Saturday webinar was awesome, Mike. What you and Greg continue to amaze me with is the ease with which you show the material and knowledge that you have about IM. There are so many questions running through my head, and it seems that in every webinar and especially this one, they get answered with such ease, and I almost feel embarrassed that I didn’t understand them. Being able to teach a subject with simplicity truly shows the mastery of that knowledge- Mike and Greg teach their passion like they’re breathing.

  20. John Warda says:

    I just started NHB in April and I am totally blown away with the content so far… and I’m only 1/6 of the way through the program :)

    This is a top notch program – I’m LOVING it!

    And the support is unbelievable. There are Skype chats with Greg… you get Greg’s email address… and you get access to a private Facebook group that is awesome too.

    I have learned lots from the Facebook group already and it feels good to know that I can go there for additional support from Greg, Mike and the other NHB members.

    I’m so happy that I joined :)

  21. Tavis says:

    Just getting into the materials with OMG and it’s great stuff. I’m about to take off on holiday for 2.5 weeks but when I return I’ll definitely be joining the May NHB group to start crushing it even more with my existing SEO consulting business. Looking forward to joining the party!

  22. Thank You Greg, Mike Long and David Mills for the great course i am very lucky to have found it. You guys go above and beyond. for us and i can not say Thank You enough..keep on Rocking it. If you DONT have NHB yet do yourself a favor and GET IT.

  23. jenna says:

    It never fails, whenever I attend a OMG webinar my understanding increases. You all Mike, Greg, Martin it’s pure gold getting the real web-ranking information from you.

  24. Jason Vetter says:

    HI Greg and Mike.

    I would like to purchase course but not sure how much of the skype time I can use. I’m going through a plant shutdown for the months of june and july and will most likely be work about 28 days of of 30/31 for both months chances are on the 12 hour shift. Can I get all the info needed to succed out of the video’s and email. I should be able to devote a couple hours each day during the shutdown to go through the video’s and building my website. Or should I just wait till August. Don’t want to miss out on the cheaper pricing now if it goes up in June. Getting tired of working 1000 extra hours a year at work LOL. Thanks

  25. Wayne Vass says:

    Just a follow up to my original post in Jan’13 since joining the NHB Family….my #1 organic listings so far:
    http://plumberinkaty.org <— 1st local site! yay!

    Thanks Greg n Mike! NHB Rocks! Time to monetize!

  26. Abby says:

    I joined the May NHB group and am SO excited. I have previously been part of OMG machines (shortcut and conspiracy). NHB is a whole NEW level. I got my first client with a $500 up front and a $350/mo to follow!

    My experience has been with YouTube, and ready to step up to ranking websites!
    Thanks Mike and Greg!

  27. Hi Greg,

    I cannot find your affiliate tools to promote your NHB product do you have one setup.


    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Malcolm one of the ways we keep costs down and value through the roof for our members is by not offering NHB as an affiliate program. I know theoretically we might make more money if we did, but we’d rather keep the program underground just like me, Greg and David Mills.

  28. Ryan says:

    I would like to know how I would fit in time wise living in South Africa 10 hours behind? eg. are the live webinars available for download afterwards?

  29. Calvin Alleman says:

    I purchased the intro OMG Commission Conspiracy April 2013, but due to personal circumstances have had little time to engage. Could someone please one give me the cliff note version of what HHB is and includes so I can make a decision to purchase or not. I am now ready to engage but I don’t feel that going back through every email and recorded training etc. will get me up to date fast enough. Just give 2-3 sentences what I should be doing to get current and what you recommend I purchase and why… Thanks, Cal Alleman 714-693-9696 (please call if this is better

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Calvin – NHB is our flagship program and it revolves around SEO Domination and SEO Supremacy. It comes in 3-parts. Our updated top secret video coaching vault, 1-on-1 and/or (your choice) group coaching with Greg and our legendary Facebook group. It is both up to date and extraordinary. It’s great for beginners – many of the people you see testifying here started as beginners. And it’s also great for people who are more seasoned.

  30. David says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m a member of OMG and CC and decided to take NHB coaching program. My question is will I get some kind of discount on the NHB price? If yes, where do I order NHB?

    P.S. I should have done this NHB 6 months ago.

  31. Angela says:

    Hi Mike

    I participated in your website this week and was quite intrigued by what you are able to provide however, I have quite a few questions that I wish to ask before deciding on what I package or program I should be purchasing.

    Will you please kindly send me an email so I can provide you with my contact number so we can further discuss my needs via telephone.


  32. Jeff says:

    Hey Mike,

    I have joined NHB on August 4th,which is about 4 days ago. Just wanted to find out whether I belong to the September NHB group as in the members area showing I belong in the July group. can you please confirm.


  33. Larry says:

    Do you have to join End Game OMG before joining NHB training?

    Or can one just join NHB without joining End Game OMG?

  34. Cassidy says:

    I’m currently working on a few websites trying to make money online. It’s taken me about a year to get to this point where I’m making just over $1000/month on one site. I’m intrigued by the OMG idea but $2300 seems like a lot. As someone who is not totally a newbie but not a total expert either does it seem realistic that $2300 will be able to ramp up my websites to more like $1000/wk or $1000/day in the next few months? Since $2300 is about my monthly income at the moment it is hard to put up the money, but I could definitely use some help and new things to try!

    • One Man Gang says:

      @Cassidy: I think the Earnings Reports speak for themselves. I knew when I asked Greg to do NHB that if by any chance he accepted that because of his heart, his skills, and his personality this would instantly become THE premier opportunity in the online marketing world – and I say that as an individual who goes back to the very roots of Internet marketing. NHB is not just our flagship, its is the pride of the IM world.

  35. Sheldon says:

    I seriously of thinking of joining NHB but what is most important to me is to be able to attend live webinars or Skype.
    I believe this will help me the most in learning this courses much quicker.
    What is the usual days and time the webinars and skype start? Thank you.

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Sheldon, our office hours are often Monday 8-10 PM Eastern, Wednesdays 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern. Though we vary things up. We also post the replays and/or transcripts for your review or in case you miss it. See you on the inside!

  36. OMGers….if you missed the session, your mind will be blown!! Don’t miss the replay. It will be the difference between success and SUCCESS. what a great offer they put forward. Absolutely amazing tools and very reasonable. Thanks to Mike and Greg for reaching out and getting such a deal.

  37. Deepak says:

    I have joined OMG end game a couple of weeks back.
    I just want to know one thing
    NHB-OMG endgame = ?
    I mean what exactly is there in NHB thats not there in end game?
    Also since most of the initial stuff I guess would be common is there an option to upgrade from end game to NHB? Since investing again in another course won’t be a viable option right now for many like me who had already invested in end game. Please let me know?

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hi Deepak, End Game is our 1/2 coaching and it’s excellent.

      NHB is our full coaching and it’s not just our flagship program but it’s the pride of the online marketing world.

      Both programs have entirely different content.

      The purpose of NHB is Search Engine Domination and Search Engine Supremacy with a heavy focus on turning visitors into money.

      It has 4 components:

      1) Our updated top secret training vault. (lifetime access)

      2) 4-hours/week of 1-on-1 or group (your choice) coaching office hours with Greg Morrison for a little over 3-months.

      3) Our legendary NHB Team Facebook Group which is a combination of a “who’s who” of the online marketing world’s elite mixing in with focused up-and-comers.

      4) Our top secret NHB Software designed personally by Greg.

      Since you’re already in End Game you know what’s in that.

      NHB and End Game are designed to work together perfectly and zoom you ahead even faster.

  38. Steve H says:

    Hi Mike, In the above video Greg mentions the skype hours are Mondays 830-1030pm and Saturday 2-4pm.

    Is this going to be the schedule for the final September group?….

    Thanks enjoy the holiday…

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Steve,

      We adjust hours a bit here and there and generally they are Mondays 8PM – 10 PM and then Tuesdays 11 AM – 1 PM …these are all Eastern USA time, like New York City. For Pacific (LA) time subtract 3 hours.

  39. Abby says:

    Pretty Excited: Just did my books for Aug and had my second month in a row of 5 figures, nearly $18K this month! Before NHB I was making between $3-5K per month but wasn’t really growing the way I wanted (which is why I joined). Going through all the training just made a few clicks for me. I gained confidence in what I could do for people and I made some pretty good size deals as well as some joint venture video projects with a few friends.
    It is already looking like Sept is going to be even bigger! The goal is to hit a 6 figure month before the end of the year! lol – Thanks to everyone in the group who contributes as I get a lot of ideas/inspiration/education from you all!

    • One Man Gang says:

      Awesome Abby! Your updated earnings report is just so exciting! That’s so very much money – and you’re also sending the message out about your feelings about your future. With NHB you’re in EXACTLY the right place at EXACTLY the right time!

  40. When I first joined OMG I was a bit skeptical as I have already been doing online marketing for over a year and already making over 100,000 a year . I figured I knew what I needed to know when it came to SEO and conversation. All I have to say is WOW how wrong I was, one of the best things I have done for my online business is joining OMG and then later the NHB program.

    With the help of Mike , Greg and David Mills I was able to navigate all the recent Google updates and keep my clients ranking high.

    Also I was able to diversify my income by promoting affiliate products – this has changed everything for me and I could not have done it with the help of the OMG gang.

  41. Jason Boyd says:

    The main comment I can add here is to ‘Just Do It’.

    OMG, and in particular NHB, is the ultimate group for learning SEO and Internet Marketing. It is an ever evolving ‘course’ which takes a person with little skills, into a self-sufficient marketer.

    Personally, I am so grateful for what Mike, Greg & David have provided. August was my most successful month yet – bringing $25k income. September is already looking better.

    OMG is for everyday people who are willing to learn & work hard. Its not a magic bullet, its so much more than that!

  42. Mike says:

    Kicking ass this month, I’m making an ADDITIONAL 10k in revenue now. Thanks Mike and Greg! More to come too I’m just starting.

  43. Michael says:

    Great testimonials, best read ever. Makes me so angry when I think of particular IM’ers who make so much money RINSING THE ONE TESTIMONY they have of ONE OF THEIR STUDENTS being successful, but they keep selling their coaching course promising SO MUCH, and they cannot deliver, it makes sense to pay $6999 when your getting the training FROM ACTUAL IM’ters, hands on, step by step, plus what is being taught IS EXACTLY what the teachers are LIVING AND DOING. I think other marketers are good at making money as their are many ways of doing that, but they FEW ARE GOOD AT PRODUCING RESULTS WITH OTHERS, because they no good teachers, don’t want to sacrifice and give up their time to teach groups step nu step, as that takes A WHOLE HEAP OF SACRIFICE.

    I asked one Guru about SEO, when I was learning from Alex Bekker and was a friend of mine wanted me to do all his online marketing, and HE DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE, he himself said he doesn’t know anything about SEO. Was so disappointed, but he still makes hundreds of thousands a year though. I had this idea that all guru’s knew about SEO, ranking etc.
    Anyway I personally see the HUGE ADVANTAGE and benefit of knowing this knowledge and desperately desire to learn from from Greg and Mike, I know if I work hard and I can save up and join the TEAM AND from there in a few months reach my first goal of retiring my wife and bring her home as she desperately wants to see spend time with her children looking after them, as I’m the full time stay at home parent at the moment, plus I home educate my children, so hence the reason to want to work from home.

    OMG promise me you’ll still be around (“,) THanks

    God bless your efforts and this opportunity to share with others helping so many.

  44. WOW!!! I wish I could join. Just tooooo expensive for me but sure worth it if you could afford. Becker and Company are one of the few straight arrows out there in the jungle of hype. Kudos to their efforts and programs

  45. Bryan says:

    I know official training does not start until January 1st but if we sign up today are we going to be able to start building our pages and seo campaigns step by step exactly like we should and get going on things right away or would we need to wait until January when official training begins in order to know how to do it correctly?

  46. Jim Haire says:

    so is 2014 : project x new cause the the title says it was posted By One Man Gang on Monday, January 14th, 2013 |

  47. Yohoo says:

    What’s the difference of NHB the $2.5k and nhb project x? thanks

  48. Cynthia says:

    I was a $900.00 -monthly paying student of Stompernet for half a yaer, and to this date have no website.
    I wish they had done what you are proposing to do with your members. I’m truly sorry that I have no financial capability to join you. :( But good luck!

  49. Jason says:

    Is your ” Day Job Killer Local Coaching” system

    available and if so what is the pricepoint???

  50. Clinton Hall says:

    NHB sounds awesome.I have failed in a bad way and went 40,000 in debt and went bankrupt.I haven`t recovered from that.My applause to those who succeed.


  51. Gabriella Donivan says:

    Hi Guys! I am truly stoked at what you are teaching! Question: I am working with someone, can we both take the course together? I really hope so! 😉

  52. Tim says:

    Love the OMG webinars. Hopefully I can join you guys sometime in 2014!

  53. Brandon Sumpter says:

    hey I was wondering how could I speak with greg or mike?

  54. Richard says:

    i wonder where i can see that OMG webinars. It would be great to see what offer and what can be expected live :)


  55. Nick says:

    I jumped in around a month ago and can assure you that this is the real deal. I’ve had some prior success online and in the mobile app biz, (5 figures+ monthly) but know for certain this will take our business to the next level. The biggest difference is most programs out there are from people who make their money selling the programs. This isn’t.

    Sure these guys make money from our memberships, and they darn well should because they’re producing new material and having live coaching calls multiple times weekly (and the program hasn’t even started, lol) … but these guys DO what they teach.

    They show you their sites, hand over their resources, show step by step what to do, and answer your questions live when you need help. If you have the means… and even if you think you don’t… find a way in.


  56. Rachel says:

    I can’t say enough great things about everyone involved in the OMG program. My life has completely changed for the better.

    I had struggled to support my family of 7 after my husband lost his job last year. I did just about everything I could (and wore many hats) to just be able to make ends meet. Having purchased some of their earlier products, I knew that we had to find a way to get to OMG LIVE. Less than 30 days after attending OMG LIVE and now having joined Project X, I am currently making 10k/month. The best part is that I am just barely starting out. Things are only going to get better from here!

    Thanks again to Mike and Greg and the whole OMG team!! Your step by step product and support is incredible. There isn’t a better place to learn and change your life!

  57. Shin says:

    Hi Mike and Greg. My name is shin from Canada Toronto

    I am tired try to make money on line, not maken any thing. I want you to help me, I want to join OMG team, I don’t care how much will cost me and how long it will take me, You just show me how, thank you very much

  58. Bob B says:

    Mike, Greg, David, Fletch and Jimmy…

    I have to give a shout out to all of you and say thank you ! This program so far might be the best all around business, strategy and lifestyle information I have been involved with, and I have been in Business for almost 28 years!

    Oh yeah, it’s only been a little over a month since I joined Project X.

    I joined OMG Project X to help myself further develop my skills and strategies to increase traffic to my current businesses, and while participating in all the events to date, I just have I increased my daily sales in my current business 3 fold, and decided to started and launched my own Online Marketing Business to help others, that already has generated me monthly Revenue over $5K..and Growing, BOOM! Not bad for something I really never thought about doing 2 months ago.

    I could go on and on, Just thank you so much the entire process, videos, trainings and all are so easy to follow and act on! Great Work ! Can’t wait for the real Training to begin.

  59. TimothyJ.LaBoo says:

    Where and how do I join OMG NHB 2014 Project X and I’m a complete newbie to internet marketing I hope this is newbie friendly and can help me make money I’m so poor I live in a friends basement till I get on my feet again, Please HELP!!!!!

  60. Bernie says:

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to get in when you re-open!

  61. Brad says:

    I am going to be as blunt as possible – NHB is THE place to be. Once you’ve joined you will realize that every other “guru” pales in comparison! And OMG X is going to be even better with the addition of Jimmy, Russell and Sue.

    It doesn’t matter how you want to make money online (affiliate, local consulting, or e-commerce) OMG/NHB will give you everything you need to succeed. And it becomes a joke how easy it is to make money once you have the formula!

    For a quick example, I just dropped a little over $3K in my account just from Amazon products! If anyone wants to succeed online then you need to join NHB as soon as possible!!

  62. Su says:

    This is a great project and I am sure anyone joining could make money. Especially anyone who takes advantage of all of the experts. It is difficult however for someone on a fixed income to come up with the initial payments.
    Bless you for offering it.

  63. KeithR says:

    I joined and paid but I got a message from paypal saying” Congratulations on becoming an owner of the Mind of Mystery home
    study course.” What is that??? Please advise – should I cancel the payment???

  64. KeithR says:

    Sorted I think – got the confirming emails – but u do need to sort the paypal messages out mate!

  65. Dinesh says:

    I am pretty much a novice member of this forum, just joined and want to learn SEO and want to expand my website traffic and also make some money on the side with online marketing.

    Where should I start first? I can understand and learn programming and stuff.

    Do you offer video lessons or tutorials for a newbie to start learning from scratch?

  66. Yanie says:

    Will it works anywhere. I’m from singapore and surely want to
    Get this NHB

    • One Man Gang says:

      Yes we have successful customers from all over the world including Singapore, Russia, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and on and on!

  67. Sammy says:

    I can’t see Paypal as a payment option!
    However it is shown on the banner along with Visa and Master card logo.
    I have also sent you an email and tried to contact you on Skype as well.
    Please confirm.


  68. Tony Peacock says:

    Great Mike. I am in, in, in and ready to make my 2014 the best year ever for myself and my clients.

    Thanks to you, Greg, Dave and all the guys.



  69. Nhi says:

    Hi, Mike, how can i like you and people like them?

    How can i join with your system. Teach me!!


  70. Claude says:

    I love omg machines my life as change dramatically just from training. So I’m excited to start earning right now.

  71. Dave Keys says:

    Guys, it’s OMG, even before I knew who you were (I learned from Becker) that brought my SEO business out of the Penguin point of no return. It’s been great progress as I’ve learned and followed your strategies and techniques. More learning and success to come.

  72. John says:

    Are you guy’s closing the doors forever after the 15th?

  73. Mary Semmer says:

    Mike, Greg, David and Fletch,

    Absolute best money I have ever spent with the fastest ROI on any investment I can remember.

    You guys rock!

  74. Tony says:

    Mike this is Awesome gig. I want to say a big thank you. How do I get the video series from Fletch

  75. Milos says:

    If you want to be succesful in 2014 and you are able to pay the omg Project X fee, even if you can barely pay the fee… GET IN!

    Let me tell you why,

    – There are tons and tons of video’s for absolute beginners (I mean beginners as in Embryos)
    – There are bi weekly (yes 2 times every week) 2hour live training sessions with Fletcher, Nicest guy in the world.. so much patience and so much knowledge!
    – There are weekly 2 hour trainings with Greg Morisson, if you dont know this dude, THE (notice the capitals) SEO guy.. unbelievable smart and out of the box, result getting SUPERHERO. if you learn from Greg, you will get money… its as simple as that… like an ATM with a stolen card, without the cops ever looking for ya…
    – Then we have Mike, the source to email every day of the week, even sundays, who will answer ur email in a couple of hours… Unbelievable kind and helpful guy… Such an inspirational guy… if u have a hard time taking action (the nr.1 problem for not being succesful in IM) Mike is your guy… Every time u see a vid with him in it.. u will TAKE ACTION! Such a kind and helpful guy
    – there are facebook groups and there is a Linked in group… All the questions u might have which arent answered in the training vids and sessions… you will get them here… Like mike says OMG is a city on a hill everybody’s helping everybody!

    Im writing this as fast as i can cuz im live on a webbi right now… so excuse my spellings…

    I can only say GET IN… U will MAKE MONEY!

    To me it was a lot of money BUT It it the best money ever spend EVER EVER EVER!!!

    THANK u SO SO MUCH Mike, Fletch, Greg, David… U guys changed My Life…

    God Bless

    • koroua ponga says:

      ive read all the reviews and this is the one that stood out for me (embryo ) thats me a learner newbie it was great reading everyone and thanx MILO for your comments now to join

  76. George says:

    What amazes me is the generosity of sharing information. Greg, Fletch, & Mike often begin an explanation of a process…and end up saying: “I’ll just make a video about this for you” They don’t think about the another product, they just focus on delivering to their OMGers!
    Something unclear? No problem, one of the guys will just come up with a way to make it clear to the group!
    Thank you, Greg, Mike, & Fletch

  77. Daniel says:

    You guys are truly amazing. As a total newbie and after getting weary with being runaround on the outside in ripoff alley, this really feels like coming home to your family! I mean it! Your framework is exactly what I need and inspiration is constant, the honesty, help and community is overwhelming. I am so looking forward this year: Win / Attack! Thank you guys

  78. Annette Richter says:

    Man, really!!! Mike, Greg, Fletch and David – you roooock!!!! So much value that you get in the OMG/NHB training, webinars and the community – it is truly incredible.
    Before I joined OMG I really hesitated because I had to borrow the money from friends and thought:”what if that is complete BS and absolutely worthless?” Something told me I would not regret it, though. And it is more than true: I am more than glad that I found you guys, because I learn so much, it is unbelievable – and I am only at the beginning.
    Funniest thing is I would have never thought I would be commenting on something like this here and surely not that euphoric like I am now – I always thought: “are these people commenting and going crazy about OMG here really real?” :-DDD
    Now I am one of them! And real!!! and really grateful to be able to get so much value out of something I really enjoy doing (NOW)!

    Too bad the day has only 24 hours to do all the OMG/NHB training, etc….!

    Thank you guys – as I said – you roooock!!!

  79. Big Idea Mastermind says:

    I have read the PDF you guys put forth and got some really good nuggets I am applying to my site … great info.


  80. Jim Mack says:

    Hey guys…

    Another quick update. I mentioned earlier that I got my first client via elance and that I have an attorney friend on page one of Google for not only the city, but the state he practices in and his specialty.

    I now have a friend who owns a fitness center on page one for “boxing” “kickboxing” “fitness center” and “personal trainer”

    This gives so much confidence to know you can walk up to any business and with extreme confidence say you will rank them on page one.

    I see a true six figure year this year and then off to 3K a day!

    Thanks for all you do.


  81. Peter says:

    Just a quick question:
    Can I still join this course?
    I’m asking because I heard that you shut the doors at 15th of Januay but the payment link its still live so I’m a bit confused…
    Please Clarify


    • One Man Gang says:

      Hi Peter we just re-opened for early birds bonus coaching office hours for our Spring session that runs March-June. After that we’ll be closed until either the fall or through the rest of 2014.

  82. Lia says:


    Just want to leave a short comment here for other who thinking about joining OMG like me before – It was my best decision ever to join the OMG Project X. Best way to get out of any day jobs. I really enjoy it to be part of NHB Thank you for that awesome city.


  83. Richard says:

    This sounds really good, and I’ve checked out reviews in other places than this page so I’m just wondering how long it is taking people who do NOT go after clients take to start making substantial, let’s say even 4 figures a month using this training/community? Reading the reviews there are only a few who have said they earned money with it — one took four months, a couple others claim $10,000 per month within a month but that’s really hard to believe. I think the answer I’ll get to this is that ‘its up to you, we can’t control what you do’ but of course, that’s understandable. But I’m looking more for an answer that assumes I WILL do what is presented. In those circumstances, what is the time it takes to start producing 4 figures a month, using one of your recommended niches? Assume I do everything I’m told. Thanks.

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Richard – the success of our members is split pretty evenly between clients, affiliate marketing and then there are several who have their own products. The fastest way to have success with affiliate is Launch Jacking and we have lots of people who have success in their first 30-days with that. I will say that any time someone turns their back on one of these big opportunities for making money – clients, affiliate OR your own product, then I think it’s a shame because you never know when a $10,000 PER MONTH check is sitting right there next to you ready for you to just pick it up. For example what you’re saying with clients – I see so many people who have been misguided by the university system and by the “guru guys” and they feel like they can’t make it with clients, which I think is crazy. And of course the same thing can happen with affiliate commissions or your own products. The reality is that with Greg you have an unfair advantage to getting TONS of visitors to your site and now it’s an all-new ball game and all the rules that the university system and the “guru guys” wrote go out the door. Our members are the ones making their own rules because they are their own One Man Gangs

  84. Brain Godspower says:

    Hey Mike, Pls I want to know how this coaching is delivered.I have been following Alex Becker for a while and I know he’s doing very well with SEO. I want to be the go to guy when it comes to SEO in Nigeria.But the challenge I have now is the money for the coaching,am very much ready to take the risk if you assure me that I can make back the money in 6months period.Here is my skype id brain.godspower,pls lets connect so I can ask more questions to be clear.Thanks

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hi Brian, OMG NHB 2014: Project X coaching comes in 4 components: 1 – Lifetime access to your members video and document training area 2 – Coaching office hours with Greg and Fletch 3-times a week 3 – Software, templates, news and updates 4 – lifetime access to your wonderful membership groups in Facebook and Linkedin. We have over 100 members who have made at least $5-figures per month since joining us in the last 12 months. Many people have made $5-figures in their first 60-days. If you want to chat more privately you can always email me at omg@omgmachines.com

  85. tomartomartini says:

    I started in august 2013,at 2299$.
    I paid the full up front amount.

    I have purchased all the expensive seo courses over the years.

    There are some very steep high end income numbers quoted.

    If your a beginner then this is worth the investment in yourself.

    If you have been at this a while and you want cutting edge underground strategies and techniques then this is the place.I can ensure you these are very exciting practical and do-able and white hat.You will be very satisfied.

    The method of teaching is over the shoulder …no reading…;its live its real …and many examples…
    and the method of delivery is open and frank and friendly ,with integrity

    As for the income numbers….well who are you. I’m a tortoise.

  86. Jay says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is NHB?

    Also… Is it possible to purchase more coaching after June, if needed?

    Thank you


    • One Man Gang says:

      Hi Jay, NHB stands for No Holds Barred. We haven’t 100% decided whether to offer coaching after June – we always reserve the right to not bring in a new class. If we do the wait will be at least 6-months. By then current members will have an outstanding basis. However if we do then we typically offer a path for current members to get in with that coaching.

  87. Robert says:

    Guys ,
    Very interested in this .. have some questions
    added on skype the area51 address


  88. Tim says:

    I strongly agree with coaching. It will cut your learning term way down and get you started on the right course for success! What a time saver!

  89. Tim says:

    I’ve known Mike for a few years now (back when he and Kelly Felix were partners) which is when I got my start.
    Mike is the real deal and I’m so glad I started with him! I encourage joining his 2014 Project X program if
    you really want to be successful online.

  90. cindy says:

    …single mom wanting to get started so I can be a stay at home mom …. I think I saw this program at 5k….unfor, not in the budget. Any ideas/programs out there that’s anyone can suggest thats proven to help me add extra income for the family…I really like the heart of these guys … I even think they are Christians…you just hear their compassion to want to help … Sincerely

  91. Andrew Woods says:

    i can’t afford 6999.00, all at once, do you have any payment plans?

  92. Wow! My first month in OMG/Project X was amazing! After a number of years online (too many to mention publicly) I had never made any real money. My biggest month was $150 and the next month was zero :-( After watching 8 webinars I finally decided to take the leap and join the program. I stayed up almost all night for days in a row just consuming content, after about a week I began to implement. I made a couple video and pages on my site, followed the SEO they taught and just got it done. A few days later the product launched I didn’t expect to make much if anything but logged into my affiliate account and couldn’t believe it when I saw $400 sitting in there!! By the end of the launch I was up to $700 total! The training is phenomenal there is no doubt about it, my favorite piece is the community I’ve been in many online communities before but never participated, however this community and their willingness to help is amazing. Thank you Mike, Greg, David and everyone else in the OMG/Project X community you ROCK!!

  93. Manuel Taningco says:

    I wanted to inquire about your NHB program for 2014 and would like to seriously consider getting into this. When does your mentoring program starts on this? My partner and I will choose the 12 monthly installments.
    Will you take us on?
    Are there other expenses for this program that we should expect to pay?
    Thank you kindly and your consideration,
    Manuel Taningco

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hi Manuel, official coaching begins March 1st. We’ll be open for a short time after that and things are filling up briskly.

      Ideally it’s best to start with a budget of $300-$500 to build your first private blog network for rapid on-demand rankings.

      People on a shoe-string budget can still join and at that point you’re going to want to have to go directly for day job killer local client consulting clients and get deals before you rank their sites.

  94. mark says:

    Is the content constantly updated, or will the content from the previous session be the same as what is in the spring and fall sessions?

    • One Man Gang says:

      Hey Mark Project X is updated throughout the year. And we are still giving updates to people who joined us last year both through the incredible NHB Facebook Team mastermind group and in members areas.

  95. CHARLES KEY says:

    I am broker than smoke but I can do this. I just talk with a company that I talk into making me an affiliate and they have none yet and they have not been rank yet, with a bad web site. They have great products and Wow this is perfect timing.Starting from zero, I have got to do this. I do not know where I am going to get the money but I am going to get it somehow. Thanks

  96. Dan says:

    Hey Guys,

    Seems like a fantastic product and the webinar gave away some awesome tips, unfortunately im not in a financial position to purchase at the moment,will you be opening it up again later on in the year?

  97. Steve Adams says:

    Looks like a great product and the webinar was good, but not able to purchase at the moment, anything we can check out till i can save up the $ ?

  98. jacob says:

    One Man Gang,

    I am a Inbox blue print customer. I am currently going through Aniks course and going into the beauty Niche. I currently have a VA who just wrote a great free report. I have my squeeze page setup. and will be writing emails this week. Going through this with you, I am kind of confused on what direction I am going to take to earn income. To be honest, I am a little scared to make a decision. In the past I’ve joined to many programs and overwhelmed my self. I realized I don’t have time to do everything by myself. Please email me. I have a few questions and need a little clarity. Thanks in advance

  99. Marshall says:

    Hi Greg & Mike,
    I joined the webinar you gave last Monday. It was pretty amazing. I was a bit dis pointed about keep trying to make money online. I live in Mexico and I have practically no money. I made a few mistakes trying different kind of business so right now I’m $15k
    In my situation this would be a big bet because I have no other income right now and about $1000us left. Do honestly believe I can make it? I will trust your word and if I do I will commit because this is it for me. I have a son in college and I can not let him down.
    By the way I have very basic knowledge of internet.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

  100. Kevin says:

    Hey Greg and Mike,
    I entered thru Jon Penberthy e mail, and was very interested in joining, as I have a serious need for income/ money just to make ends meet. I am a doctor, and yet I know how difficult it can be during these economic times. I want to work smarter, not harder as I have done in the past. So far, I have made zero money on line, but I have faith this will change. Just the fact that I know that SEO means search engine optimization is amazing for me, since I am not a techy guru @ all. They say the teacher will arrive, when the time is right…and as you put it, in the movie the Matrix, you can learn Tak won Do karate or Kung Fu, if you have the right teacher. I do not have the funds to join you now, but will be hoping to do so in the near future. Please keep me in the loop, when the next class sessions begin. Thanks for all the encouragement from you all, and from Jon Penberthy too,

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