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My Favorite Keyword Research Trick – My Secret KW Research Weapon

Greg:                     All right, what’s up everyone? It is Greg here, OMG machines. Buddha reminds you, don’t be a dick. Make sure you subscribe, make sure you like, make sure you comment if you like the video, of course. Today we’re going to be talking about keyword research. We’re going to talk about simplifying keyword research, all right? Now, I’ve done millions of dollars with affiliate marketing, and one of my big secrets is knowing how to do keyword research quickly, and the biggest thing painlessly. The way I do keyword research is completely painless. I see people, especially my students, they’ll spend months on keyword research sometimes. They’ll make the process way too complicated, and then they make some big mistakes, which I’ll talk about in another video. But today I just want to show you how to simplify, We’re going to let everyone else do the hard work for us, and we’re going to make our keyword research really painless. All right?

Greg:                     So let’s jump right into it. All right, so let’s jump right into this. Now, I covered a video previously called The First Step of Keyword Research. I’m just going to go over that for 30 seconds really quick, ’cause we got to get our starting point. And to get the initial key word, I usually just use my brain. So I think either, what would I type in to buy whatever it is I’m looking for and I’ll start there, or I’ll type in something like “best” and “product” or “product name review,” stuff like that. A good example is electronic cigarettes, so “best electronic cigarette.” Since I’m in the e-cig niche, I know it’s good key word. Why? Because usually someone who types this in is pretty far along the buyer process, and they’re usually looking to make a decision. So they’ve done the research. Now it’s like, all right, what is the best electronic cigarette?

Greg:                     And you could even start there. So you could even say, “what is the best electronic cigarette?” So someone typing that in, again, they’re usually looking for an e-cigarette, they’re looking for an e-cigarette to buy. And the number one ranked people are right here, or you could go digital trends. We could really check everyone on the first page, but we’re going to analyze the competition, one of my favorite things to do for many different things, but especially for keyword research, because usually these guys, if they’re ranking number one, they know the market well, they’ve done their research, they’ve done all the work for us, and we can just kind of steal their key words. So it’s one of the best ways to go. So the way you do that is you copy the URL. I use a tool called, A-H-R-E-F-S .com. There’s probably other tools out there that show this. I’m OMG Command Center may have it.

Greg:                     It’s one of our tools we have, or one of our members created it for our members. But there’s different tools out there. If you don’t want to use this, there’s other stuff you can use. But this is definitely my favorite. So I’m going to go ahead and type in the URL that’s ranking number one organically for this, not talking about the snippet. And we see they get a lot of traffic. Okay? So they’re probably ranking for other key words. And to go see what else the ranking for, we go click on organic key words in the AHrefs dashboard over here on the left-hand side. And we can see over here, they ranked for a lot of product names, okay? And then different versions of “best electronic cigarettes,” like “best e-cig.” Okay? So “best” and “e-cig” is a variation of electronic cigarettes, it’s an LSI or a synonym. “Best e-cigarette.” Okay? So they’re typing, they’re ranking for stuff like “best electronic cigarette” “best e-cig,” “best e-cigarette,” things along those lines. “Best e-cigs.” Okay? So all those variations, then they’re ranking for a whole bunch of brand names. Actually, we’re not on this exact, just the URL. Let’s go to exact URL.

Greg:                     All right. So here we go. This is much better. So we got “best e-cig,” “best electronic cigarette,” “best e-cigarette,” “best e-cigs,” “best electronic cigarettes,” so all the variations with the plural, non-plural, all that. And then here’s a good one right here, “e-cigarette reviews,” and probably the same thing. So “e-cig reviews,” “electronic cigarette reviews,” all of those variations. Here’s a good one: “e-cigarette brands,” and that’s, maybe that’s one I wouldn’t have thought of. So now I can go into all the variations of brands. I can even do “best e-cig brands,” “best e-cigarette brands,” “best electronic cigarette brand,” all that stuff. So this is opening up all kinds of doors for me for what type of stuff that I can rank for starting with just that one key word. Really good one here: “best e-cig starter kit.” We’re starting to get into long tails.

Greg:                     It’s really important to rank for long tail key words, especially initially. I cover that in another video, which I’ll put in the description of this video, but we’re getting into even more here. Now, we can go down a whole ‘nother rabbit hole with this keyword right here. Okay? Let’s keep going here. “Best E-cig vaporizer.” So that’s a good one right there. That’s a whole different one. “E-Cigarette company.” Then you, of course, could mix them together, use your head now. “Best e-cigarette companies,” “e-cigarette company reviews,” things along those lines. All right? So let’s keep scrolling down here. “Electronic cigarette brands,” “vape cigarette reviews.” And again, all this stuff, now that we know all these, now we can work all these into our own page on the same page. They’re ranking for all of this on the same page. We can do the same thing.

Greg:                     We just want to make sure we mix all those keywords in our most important places, in our titles, in our h1 tags, a little bit in our content, things like that. “Best e-cig on the market.” Okay? “Top electronic cigarettes.” So not just best, but top and all of those variations. All right? “What is the best e-cig?” “Top rated electronic cigarettes.” So I think you guys get the point. You can type in this type of stuff and get all different types of ideas for keywords that you can rank for instead of just ranking for one and then a little bit of variations for. We’re getting a whole look at different keywords that they rank for. But you don’t have to stop there, because usually a site like this, an authority site on a specific topic, they’re going to be ranking for a whole bunch of other stuff, too. So what we can do is just delete the URL and go look at their whole domain ,and we can see they get a ton of traffic.

Greg:                     What other type of stuff do they rank for? We’re just trying to rank for “best electronic cigarette” and all those variations that we saw on there, but what if we can expand? So let’s look at what we could expand into. So let’s go to organic keywords again. And here we go. Okay? So, bam. Right here: “best vape pen.” So we were going after electronic cigarettes. Well, now we can go after a vape pen, and what we can do, if we want to look deeper into vape pen. So let’s bring up another window. So I’ll copy this URL that they’re ranking for “best vape pens” for, “bets vape pen,” whatever it is, and I put that in, and I go to the exact URL, go to exact URL, and then go to organic key words, and bam. Those are all the vape pen-type keywords that we can go after. All right?

Greg:                     So we can create a page now on vape pens, which maybe I had no idea existed, and here’s all the different types of keywords they got for that. So it’s all the “top,” “good,” “best,” all that type of stuff. “Best vape pen for e-liquid,” “best vape pen battery,” “dry herb and wax vaporizer.” So this is just opening up a ton of possibilities for us. Okay? And we can keep scrolling down their main domain, get even more ideas. “E-liquid recipes.” I didn’t even know, I’m deep in this niche, and I’ve never seen that one, or I’ve never paid attention to it, so that could be something there. Let’s see. “Best portable vaporizer.” So they’re talking about portable vaporizers. “Vape tricks.” Let’s see what else we got. “How to quit smoking weed.” So maybe that’s something that we see if they have an affiliate. Are they selling an affiliate product on this page? If they are, it’s probably making them money. And then we can go look at this page and see what type of keywords that they’re ranking for.

Greg:                     All right? “Best vape juice.” There’s another one, “vape juice” and all of those key words. We could go type this URL in. What are they ranking for on this URL? So this is my favorite way to do key word research, because these guys have done all the work for us. They’re deep in this niche, they’re an authority in this niche, they spend a lot of time digging and researching, and I can pretty much steal all their keywords in a matter of minutes and the hard work is done for me. All right? So this is my favorite way to do keyword research. There’s no reason to go into some keyword research tool most of the time and research yourself and try to pick out the best stuff. These guys are giving you all the best stuff. They’re going to be ranking for the stuff that does the best, and they’ve done all the hard work for you. So hope you all enjoyed this video, and I will see y’all in the next one.

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