Ronell, zero to $70,000/mo. Ronell even appeared on "Beyond the Tank" on NBC. Because OMG'ers, like Ronell, turn the lights on for businesses.

Ronell, joined OMG No Holds Barred coaching, December 2012.

Here's Ronell's first earnings report: June 9, 2013:

Next here's Ronell's I quit my day job report, July 7, 2014:

Then Ronell hit $10,000,00 on October 17th:

Then $20,000/mo very shortly after that, October 23:

Adding on a new $12,000/mo stream of income:

Exciting update: Ronell $70,000 November 2015:

July 4, 2016 Update:

August 22nd Update (On his 2016 appearance on Shark Tank, Beyond The Tank):

August 23rd, 2016: Ronell updated me after he saw yesterday's Live Cast that he's now at $90,000/mo:

Earnings disclaimer.