From the desk of Mike Long.


Mike Long here, on behalf of myself, Kotton Grammer, Greg Morrison, Joshua Fletcher, Joe Marfoglio, Stephen Floyd, Liz Herrera, and David Mills.

When we started OMG, we had high hopes for our members.

Maybe we got lucky. Maybe the stars aligned just right. But the success that has unfolded, in terms of real member profits is staggering.

Here's the deal:

Greg Morrison: (First million: Image) (OMG Live 2013 standing ovation: Video)

Who bought their tickets & travel to OMG LIVE Nashville 2013 with OMG Profits? (Video)

Kotton G (Image) (Image) (Video) (Video - first 60-days) (Image - $1.3 million)

Liz H (Video) (Image)

Jimmy K (Video) (Image)

Joshua F (Video) (Image)

Joe M (Video) (Image) (Image)

Ronell S (Image) (Image) (Image) (Video) (Image) (Video)

Michael L (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Gregory O (Image) (Video) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Darrel F (Image) (Video) (Image)

Jack H (Image)

Michael M (Video)

Michael B (Image)

Scott S (Image) (Video) (Image)

Larry O (Video)

Grace L (Video)

Lonnie W (Video) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Video)

Mary S (Video) (Image) (Video - First 60-days) (Image)

Alex G (Image) (Video)

John P (Image)

Sue B (Image)

Patrick K (Image)

Janettea D (Image)

Ryan H (Image)

Angel (Image)

Mark K (Image)

Jeff P (Video) (Image)

David C (Video)

Jim D (Image)

Jason B (Video) (Image)

Chuck (Image)

John L (PDF)

Brian M (Image) (Image) (Image) (Video)

Abby H (Image) (Video)

Mical J (Image)

Philip S (Image)

Thomas N (Image)

Jon L (Image)

Jonas S (Image)

Jamaal W (Video)

Andrew (Image)

Mike S (Video) (Image)

Hung Le (Image) (Video)

Nathan W (Image)

Corey R (Image) (Image) (Image)

David N (Image)

Brett (Image)

James (Video)

Connie B (Image) (Image) (Image)

Tim S (Image) (Video) (Image)

Maria C (Image)

Andrew K (Image)

Anders F (Image) (Image)

Daryl O (Image) (Image)

Rich L (Video)

Jeff S (Image)

Jay N (Video)

Michael G (Video)

Michael S (Image)

Rob J (Video)

Craig B (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Tim A (Video)

Crystal W (Image)

Kurt E (Image) (Image) (Video) (Image) (Image)

Steve H (Image)(Image)

Ryan W (Image)

Paul D (Image)

Kris J (Image)

Dan S (Image)

Jacob T (Image)

Angela L (Video) (Image) (Image)

Patrick M (Image)

Scott B (Video) (Image)

Armando S (Image)

Paul T (Image) (Image)

Jeff C (Image)

Sarah M (Image) (Image)

Marc H (Image) (Image)

Sylvia K (Image)

Cliff S (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Natasha C (Image) (Image)

Jesse W (Image)

Michael J (Image)

Wes Z (Image)

David D (Image)

Carson (Image)

John S (Image)

Jeff M (Image)

Nick (Image)

Kevin M (Image)

John L (Image)

Jeff K (Image)

Daren B (Image)

Jeremiah O (Image)

Tony N (Image)

Elvind (Image)

Wilson T (Image) (Image)

Derek A (Image)

Andrew C (Image)

David F (Image)

Stephen F (Image)

Bryan H (Image)

Jess C (Image)

Kristina C (Image)

Kea (Video) (Image)

Herc M (Image) (Image)

Chris S (Image)

Jorge R (Image)

Anders J (Image)

Amati P (Image)

Vince T (Image)

Rob H (Video)

Craig T (Image)

David C (Video)

James C (Image)

Joe A (Image)

Chris S (Image)

Steve O (Image) (Image) (Image)

Saravanan G (Image) (Image)

Mike H (Image)

Raynor A (Image)

Daniel R (Image)

Stephen P (Image)

William H (Image)

Steve (Image)

Justin G (Image)

Brad T (Image)

Jose P (Image)

Garrett L (Image)

Cliff S (Image)

Victor N (Image)

Adam B (Video)

Kyle M (Image)

Craig B (Image) (Image) (Image)

Jonathan F (Image)

Wayne V (Image) (Image) (Image)

Coco (Image)

Jazzi (Image)

Kevin R (Image)

Chris (Image)

Jake T (Video) (Image)

Dwayne (Image) (Image)

Brad S (Image)

Brian K (Image) (Image)

Maksym (Image)

Eugene D (Image)

Carol H (Image)

Brian S (Image)

Matt W (Image)

Chris N (Image)

Jason P (Image) (Video)

El Sayed (Image) (Image)

Stephen T (Image)

Andrew R (Image)

Erwin C (Image) (Image)

Kristine J (Image)

Richard D (Image)

Dustin S (Image)

Preston M (Video)

Pat B (Image)

Ryan L (Image)

Ivan V (Image)

Adam L (Video) (Image) (Image)

Cary D (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Tavis Y (Image)

Scott W (Image)

William H (Image)

Alexander R (Image)

Matthew L (Image)

Scott B (Video)

Alecia R (Image)

Travis & Josh (Video)

Pat B (Image)

Will S (Image)

Shawn A (Image)

Graeme N (Image)

James B (Image)

Tracie F (Image)

Steven R (Image)

David R (Image) (Image)

Robert P (Image)

Danny V (Image)

Chris M (Image)

Steven R (Image) (Image)

Keith D (Image)

Farhan J (Image)

Jeff G (Image)

James C (Image)

Pat B (Image)

Fran H (Image)

James P (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Gary J (Image)

Kris C (Image) (Image)

David C (Image)

Deepak K (Image)

Chris K (Image)

Glen (Image)

Christian W (Image)

Octavio (Image)

Michael C (Image)

David M(Image)

Scott G (Image)

Vinny (Image)

Kevin E (Image)

Steve O (Image)

Chai W (Video)

Paul E (Image)

Mr X (Image)

Manuel T (Image)

Dave K (Image)

Lia E (Image)

Jon L (Image)

David F (Image)

Piotr (Image)

Peter C (Image)

Chris C (Video)

Neil A (Image)

David P (Image)

Mary V (Image)

Brian W (Image)

Arto S (Image)

Eleanor S (Image)

David H (Image) (Image) (Video) (Image)

Heidi V (Image) (Image)

Jeff M (Image)

Fasil S (Video)

Jim M (Image)

Vish W (Image)

Phil B (Image)

Herman L (Image)

David S (Image)

Aeyrand E (Image)

Pace W (Image)

Les P (Image)

Gary K (Image)

Karl D (Image)

Vern S (Image)

Dominic S (Image)

Rick P (Image)

Brian H (Video)

Henry (Image)

Andrew K (Image)

Tim S (Image)

Adam B (Image)

Dave (Image)

Matt N (Image)

Jonas L (Image)

Josh S (Image)

Matt P (Image)

Brett L (Image)

Martin L (Image) (Video)

Sheldon W (Image)

Larry R (Image)

Jason (Image) (Video)

Brian F (Image)

Angel C (Image) (Image)

Heather M (Image)

Adam D (Image) (Image)

Clinton D (Image)

Kelly C (Image)

Leni D (Image)

David D (Image)

Jason C (Image) (Image)

Matej B (Image) (Video)

Nick (Image)

Donnell L (Image)

Matthew J (Image)

Gary K (Video)

Debbie E (Image)

Stephen S (Image)

Kelly B (Video)

Albert C (Image) (Video) (Image)

Peter D (Image)

Carlos D (Image)

Dafyd M (Image)

Trish and Andrew R (Image) (Video)

Michael S (Image)

Charisse B (Image) (Image)

Rachel N (Image) (Image)

Junson C (Image)

Dwain B (Video) (Image)

Travis C (Image)

Stephen R (Image)

Jono H (Image)

Nathan P (Image)

Niko S (Image)

Scott W (Image)

Thomas W (Video)

Donna D (Image)

Brian W (Image)

Sean L (Image)

Pearl (Image) (Image)

Nathan S (Image)

Eric T (Image)

Pete D (Video)

Brian B (Image)

Joshua E (Video) (Image)

David B (Video)

Justin W (Image)

Albert L (Image)

Chris M (Video)

Dan W (Image)

Orlando G (Video)

Nhan N (Image)

Mike M (Video)

Tony H (Video)

John B (Image)

Alberto (Image)

Dave P (Image)

Kyle G (Image)

Michael D (Image)

Andre S (Image)

Daniel P (Image)

Laura L (Image)

Dave B (Image)

Patrick N (Image)

Bryan B (Image)

Kurt T (Image)

Mark S (Image)

Endy W (Image)

Bryan B (Image)

John B (Image)

Anthony A (Image)

Michael S (Image)

Joe H (Image)

Dan P (Image)

Darren T (Image)

John S (Image)

Sophie P (Image) (Image)

Natasha C (Image)

Brad K (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image)

Jon L (Image)

George (Image)

Jason P (Image)

Jerry D (Image)

Vicky L (Image)

Ann C (Image)

Simon D (Image)

Carlin (Image)

Robert N (Image)

Francis M (Image)

Tammy D (Image)

Loraine L (Image)

Bill W (Image)

Steven E (Image) (Image)

Tanya S (Image)

Ted B (Image)

Duran R (Image)

Ed S (Image)

David M (Image)

Crowe L (Image)

Jason G (Image)

Michelle M (Image)

Randy S (Image)

Loretta W (Image)

Kathy T (Video)

Glenn S (Image)

Jeffrey B (Image)

Eman B (Image)

Hardik (Image)

Brandon P (Video)

Craig L (Image)

Nick G (Image)

Jennifer C (Image)

Randall P (Video)

Preston P (Image)

Brian B (Image)

Bob S (Image)

Andrew K (Image)

Frank S (Image)

Paul D (Image)

Dan V (Image)

Marc F (Image)

Brad T (Image) (Image) (Image)

Baldwin H (Video)

Tony W (Image) (Image)

Pete K (Image)

James U (Image)

Jon P (Image) (Video)

Scott D (Image)

Mike N (Video)

Brad M (Video) (Image)

Dave (Video)

Brett L (Video)

Mark R (Image)

Steve B (Video)

Paul T (Image)

Morgan M (Image)

Steve Maitland (Image)

Tim M (Image)

Dustin N (Image) (Video)

Andrew P (Image) (Image)

Alex B (Image) (Video) (Image)

Bob P (Video)

It's all happening,

Mike Long

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