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The #1 Keyword Research Mistake – This KW Research Mistake Is Killing You

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So today, we’re going to be talking about keyword research and the number one mistake that I see people make with keyword research. No I’ve done millions of dollars in affiliate marketing and one of my big secrets is getting over this big mistake. Because I used to make this mistake. I made this mistake and it can cause so much frustration that’ll bring you to the point that you’ll want to quit. You just want to stop. It’ll make you think that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

Student after student comes to me after making this mistake and their pulling their hair out. They’ve been working on projects for months. And they still haven’t made money, and usually this is the reason. So let’s jump into this and let’s go over the number one mistake for keyword research.

All right. So what I’m talking about here is, again, I used to do it and I see so many people do it. They try to go after keywords that are just too big. And there’s many different reasons why you don’t want to do this. Number one, is this is not ten years ago where you can rank for big keywords very quickly by spamming and things like that, all right. Bigger keywords take a lot of time now. Let’s go back to the electronic cigarette example. If you’re trying to rank for electronic cigarettes, that specific keyword, it’s going to take some time to build up trust and gain authority for that. It’s going to take you a while to rank for that. And you’re going to be dealing with a lot heavier competition.

So that’s reason number one, is you got a whole bunch of competition for that keyword and you’re going to take a long time to rank for it. Okay. So you could pour ten, twenty grand into the project building links and you could still not be ranked for that keyword. You still may be way back on page two, three, four, who knows, maybe even further than that. And you have nothing to show for the money you invested all right. And I know people want to rank for the big keywords because it looks good and they get tons of searches and all that.

But the other side of this is they don’t convert as well, okay. So a keyword like electronic cigarettes … what is someone typing that in, what’s going through their mind? I don’t know. You can’t pinpoint it. And that’s why I always tell people go after keywords that have a lot of buyer intent behind them. Like best electronic cigarette, is much better. Or best electronic cigarette brand is even better. That’s a long tail keyword. And again, I have a video on long tail keywords and what I call the long tail progression, which is what you should do when doing any type of project pretty much, is the long tail progression. I’ll put that video below so you can check it out but-

The think with ranking for something like electronic cigarettes, it is cool and it can make money and it gets a ton of searches. And if you get up top you’re going to get a lot of traffic but what is someone looking for? Are they looking for facts about them? Are they looking for safety information? Are they looking for how they work? Are they looking for local shops? What are they looking for? We have no idea right.

So those bigger keywords, the biggest problem with that is … or the two biggest problems is it does not convert well, okay. And it takes a long time to rank. So just as an example, when I was first starting, I remember back in 2006, even though you could do it back then, I would just try to come out and try to go after something after like make money online. Everyone tries to do it right. That’s a keyword everyone wants to rank for because it’s huge, gets a lot of searches. And that one is a better keyword than electronic cigarettes because it’s a little more specific.

But the thing is, especially beginners, they come in, they just want to go after a huge keyword like this. You have to dig deeper and go after long tails first. And I’m going to go into the long tail progression in a different video, but this is the biggest mistake I see by far. People go after these huge keywords. They never end up ranking for it. They put a ton of time and money in the tube. And if they do end up ranking for it they’re like man, I put all this money in and I’m not even getting my ROI. I’m only making a couple grand a month, I spent $50,000 trying to rank for this.

So that is definitely the biggest mistake I see. Make sure you check out the long tail progression video. I show you how to start with long tails and work you way towards this type of keyword. Because when you do that you can rank quickly for the long tails, make money off them and progress your way towards the shorter tail keywords, all right.

So that’ll be the next video. If you want to watch that check it out. You should also check out how to do keyword research, because I show you how to find all the best keywords in a specific niche very easily, all right. I’ll put that video below as well.

So hopefully you all enjoyed this video. I’ll see you in the next one.


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