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The Long Tail Keyword Progression – My Secret Weapon For Ranking Success

Greg:                     What is going on, everyone? It is Greg here from OMG Machines and Buddha reminds you, don’t be a dick. That means make sure you subscribe, make sure you like, make sure you leave a comment if you like this video, of course.

Greg:                     So today, we’re going to be talking about long tail keywords. Now, long tail keywords are definitely a big point of my success with affiliate marketing. You know, I’ve done a lot of money with affiliate marketing and knowing what I call the long tail progression, knowing how to implement that, is a big reason for my success with any affiliate marketing niche that I go into.

Greg:                     So I want to teach you that today. I want to show you how to do it correctly. I want to talk about why it’s important, so let’s jump right into it.

Greg:                     All right, so before I get into this, if you need to watch the other keywords on keyword research, make sure you do so. I’ll put those videos in the link below. I show you how I do my keyword research, where basically I let the competition do all the work for me. I steal all their keywords and I show you how to do that, and I tell you about the first step in keyword research, all that type of stuff. But today, we’re going to talk specifically about long tails.

Greg:                     All right, now, what I mean by the long tail progression is you start with the longest tail keywords and you work your way towards the short versions of the keyword. All right? So you know, you do your initial keyword research and again, you can refer to my previous videos if you need to. I’ll put the links below.

Greg:                     But let’s say we get one of our, you know, so we figure out best electronic cigarette. Right? So we started, you know, we’re in the electronic cigarette niche. So that’s like the big keyword. Although it’s not going to convert well, it gets a lot of traffic. This is kind of like the next step where it’s like, what would I type in to find the best, or what would I type in to, you know, I’m looking to buy an e-cigarette. What would I type in to buy one? Maybe this is it. Like, all right. I know I want to buy one. What’s the best electronic cigarette? That’s probably what I would type in.

Greg:                     But I want to take it even further, and you can do that with the keyword research, you know, dig in further, which I show you how I do in another video. But then we get, okay, there’s also, well, from here, you would also have electronic cigarette. How do I spell that? R-O-N-I-C, there we go. Cigarette brands. Right? And those are good keywords. If you rank for them, you’re going to do well. But the thing is, they’re pretty big, too. They’re pretty competitive and they’re also going to take a little bit to rank for. So you want to break it down even further. Because we want to rank quick. Right? We want to rank as quick as we can and the longer tail our keyword is, the quicker we’re going to rank.

Greg:                     Now, the less traffic it’s going to get and less searches and less everything, but the longer the keyword is, the better it converts, usually, especially with keywords like this. So how can we combine these even more? All right, how about best electronic cigarette brands? All right? So now we’re making it even longer. This one is even longer, but there’s still competition there. That’s even going to take at least a few months to rank for.

Greg:                     Let’s break it down even further. Okay, let’s go even further. So what could we do? We could do best electronic cigarette brand year. Why is year important? Because it breaks down the keyword even further, but also, if someone’s typing in the year, they’re looking for something that’s up-to-date. Like, I’m looking for an updated list of the best electronic cigarette brands. That’s pretty much what they’re looking for. That means they’re very interested. You know? They’re not just looking for the best electronic cigarettes of all time. They’re looking for what is the best electronic cigarette right now? Very good keyword, okay.

Greg:                     We could even say, you know, we could even do like, what is the best electronic cigarette brand. Okay. So that can be the next level. And then what is the best electronic cigarette brands 2018. Actually, it would be what are. But. What is, like, I’m sorry, what is, yeah. Brand, all right. So then you could do brand, are with brands or is with brand, whatever. So, or you could, you know, if you wanted to break it up further to make this even better, so we’ll say what is the best electronic cigarette, and then what is the best electronic cigarette brand, and let’s break it down even further. What is the best electronic cigarette brand 2018.

Greg:                     All right, so now we’re really long tail, okay? And what we can do is we can rank for a keyword like this if we optimize our page for it, if we have this in mind when we optimize our page. We could probably rank for this pretty quickly. Maybe within a couple months, and we can start getting traffic and then we can start working our way towards the tougher and tougher keywords. Okay, so we kind of do this progression.

Greg:                     And of course, we wouldn’t just be working after this, because really our stem keywords, I call them, are best electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette brands. These wouldn’t be our only two, you know, we would also be going after other keywords likely on this page. Maybe, you know, if we broke it down again, you know, you start electronic cigarette and then electronic cigarette reviews. Okay? And then you have best electronic cigarette reviews. I spelled that wrong, I’m just going to leave it anyway. Then you got best electronic cigarette reviews 2018.

Greg:                     All right, so stuff like that. So it’s not necessarily just one keyword you break down like this. You break down pretty much all the main keywords you’re going after like this and you start from the bottom and build your way up. Build your way up the pyramid. Kind of long tail progression. And again, the reason is you’ll rank for this fairly quickly, but the thing is, when you rank for this keyword right here, naturally it’s going to rank you because they’re so close, naturally it’s going to rank you for this one pretty closely.

Greg:                     All right, so if you’re number, let’s say, five for this, you’ll probably be, I don’t know, number 10 for this or maybe even just a couple slots back. Maybe page two. You’ll be very close, all right. So by the time you get this to page one, this one’s going to be very close to page one. By the time you get this one to page one, this one’s going to be close to page one. By the time you get this one to page one, this one’s going to be moving up towards page one. Okay?

Greg:                     So it’s a long tail progression. The reason for that is all these above it are in this right here. Okay? It just has a little bit extra on it with the 2018. For example, best electronic cigarettes in it, okay, as you see up here. Electronic cigarette brands in it, as you see up here. Best electronic cigarette brands in it, as you see right here. Best electronic cigarette brands 2018 is in it, as you see up here. So as you do these long tails, the way Google works, you’re naturally working on all these above it. So by the time you rank these four, guess what? This one’s already page two and you don’t have that much more work to do. And you’re already getting the traffic from these right here. Okay?

Greg:                     So that’s the long tail progression. It’s extremely powerful and you can use this for clients, even, and explain to the client ahead of time that you’re going to rank for long tail stuff first, that way, they can see results, because even if they’re not getting any time traffic or calls from it, they can see that they’re at least starting to rank for stuff. It’ll build their confidence in you, build their trust in you, and it’ll give you more time to work for the bigger keywords.

Greg:                     All right. So that’s the long tail progression. This is extremely important to implement, especially with today’s SEO, because if you just go straight after electronic cigarette, or even best electronic cigarette, those are pretty tough. They’re going to take at least six months to a year to rank for, and all that work you do, there’s nothing coming back to you, and it can be very discouraging. You know, it can almost cause you so much frustration you just want to quit. You just want to give up, and a lot of people do, and that’s the reason, because they never see themselves on page one for anything. When you see yourself climbing to page one within a couple months for this right here, you’re like, oh, I’m on page one for something, all right, this is getting some momentum. And then this one’s not far behind. You get this one on page one. Oh, but now I got a sale. Awesome. You know, I’m starting to build some momentum here and it just works much better. All right.

Greg:                     So again, that’s my long tail progression. I hope you guys implement it. It’s very important for success with SEO, especially today, and I will see you on the next video. Make sure you leave a comment. Let me know did you like this. Make sure you subscribe. I’ll see you all soon.


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