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OMG (which stands for One Man Gang, referring to what we turn you into):
1. Trains new people, completely from scratch, to be Digital Marketing Agents, with our proven 90 Day+ system which gives you a massive advantage as online entrepreneurs, and/or consultants and/or as a reliable and profitable career path.

2. Provides ongoing research, training, and tools to veteran DMA's to keep them plugged in, plus provides an amazing community of new and veteran DMA's helping and encouraging each other.

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1. What is OMG and what makes us special?

  OMG has about 1000 active members in its coaching program, and about 1000 earnings reports from members who are earning money with the Digital Agent skills and monetization methods we teach.  Here is a link to our Instagram account where many of those reports from our members can be found:
 Our extreme success is rooted in reality: OMG is a partnership of several Agent-Coaches. We have our own separate business doing what we teach about (such as Google SEO consulting, sales funnel creation, and other related Digital Marketing services and projects). We show what we do step-by-step, from scratch, and demonstrate what we do using our unique Over-The-Shoulder approach.

  Our Digital Marketing Agent coaching program has been closed for new registration since February, but it is re-opening again in July for the 2nd half of 2018!
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