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  • Be sure to read the important timely news note, below these bullets!

  • We'll show you how to pick and register the right website, and provide significant insight into understanding keywords and niches.

  • We'll show you how to set up your website and help you understand how to make it look good and sharp.

  • We'll show you ways that you can attract local clients in the area you live, including a script of what you can say to them, and what questions they are likely to ask, and how to address those questions. We provide some examples of deal types that you can structure with clients, like if a dentist wants you to help him get new customers.

  • We'll show you how to find affiliate links. We'll show examples and principles of how we convert visitors to customers for profitable affiliate websites, which you can do either instead of, or in combination with, profiting from helping local clients.

  • We'll then show you how start doing search engine optimization very inexpensively. We will NOT, in the Shortcut, teach you absolutely everything that we know about Search Engine Domination, because some sorts of advanced techniques require in-depth training and personal support that is only possible in our full No Holds Barred coaching course. What we do teach you, in the Shortcut, will be complete, extremely useful, and more than sufficient for excellent profits.

  • We'll show you a complete series of over a dozen videos in which Greg shows you every moment that he spends ranking to #1 using Web 2.0 techniques, and several other advanced techniques. You'll be able to go to Google, type in that sites main keyword, and see it right there, for real.

  • You'll have access to a wonderful membership area (see note below), including a detailed eBook and many videos. You will be invited to attend live internal recurring webinars for extra support and training, and you will have access to the replays of those webinars. We do not promise to do unlimited coaching via email for Shortcut members - it is simply impossible for us find the time to do that. But supporting you is so very important to us, which is why we hold the live webinars regularly.

Important, timely news! Please Note:

I also have a temporary announcement. If you are reading this, the benefit I'm about to explain is still active.

When we first launched the OMG Machines Shortcut Combo mini coaching course, it was ONLY a video book, no member area, no recurring webinars or webinar series. It didn't have the words "mini coaching course" in the title. We've added a lot as we've learned what people need most, but we are also taking some videos away that don't fit in with the current theme.

However, currently, during our transition, you get BOTH the old and the new, to keep. We'll also be increasing the price just a little bit as we complete our transition, but currently it is still just $148. When it goes up, it will still a terrific value, but for now, you are still able to join at the initial discounted price.

The only trade-off is, some parts of our new membership area will still be under construction, over the next week or two. When you purchase, you will receive a 52 page videoBook, plus you also gain access to the new members' area and the live webinars. Once our transition is complete, several of the "old" videos will no longer be available in this Shortcut course, but they will still be available to you through the vBook, if you are reading this.


Now, Greg and I can't reveal all of our top ranked sites because we have to protect the privacy of our clients, but here are the sites that we have made available for you to review. And they are ALL ranked on page 1 on Google TODAY.

That's 15 sites!

Here are the sites we've revealed:

  • (Ranks #1 for Mystery Method)
  • (Ranks Page 1 for Gold IRA, Gold IRA, Gold IRA Investment + more)
  • (Ranks Page 1 for Gold IRA, Gold IRA Investment + more)
  • (Ranks Page 1 for Gold IRA Investing, Gold IRA Investment, Gold IRA Rollover + more)
  • (Ranks #1 for Baton Rouge Architects and much more)
  • (Ranks #1 for Reno Wedding Photographers and much more)
  • (Ranks #1 for Delaware Divorce Lawyers and much more)
  • (Ranks #1 for Milwaukee Chiropractor and much more)
  • (Ranks #1 for Seattle Real Estate Agents and much much more!)
  • (Ranks #1 for New Orleans Interior Design and much more!)
  • (Ranks #1 for Seattle Accountant and much much more!)
  • (Ranks #1 - just moved up! - for Delaware Nursing Homes and much, much more!)
  • (Ranks #3 - just moved up! - for Buffalo Limo Services)
  • (Ranks #1 For Colorado Springs Veterinarians and more!)
  • (#1 - just moved up! - for Cincinnati Bathroom Remodeling)


Let's zoom in on just a few of these sites:





Listen, whether you join us or not isn't going to effect Greg or my bottom line much, becuase we've both already got orders stacked to the ceiling counting in the millions...

...But we believe in YOU and that with this rocket shot forwards that you can change your fortunes forever.

Come join us!

To Your Success,

Greg Morrison and Mike Long

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