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The #1 Free Keyword Research Tool (Plugin)

Greg:                     All right what’s going on? Everyone it is Greg here. I’m back. Today we’re going to be going over my favorite keyword research plugin, totally free. The best plugin out there for keyword research, I love it. But first, you know the deal. Make sure you guys like, comment, subscribe, and hit that bell so you get future videos. Now this plugin is going to save you a whole bunch of time, whole lot of headache, and it is the coolest keyword research plugin that’s out. So, let’s jump right into this video.

Greg:                     All right, so I’m not going to beat around the bush. This plugin is called Keywords Everywhere. Again, totally free. You can check it out by going to Right now I got it installed for Firefox. You can also install it for Chrome. Looks like those are the two options right now. Basically it gives you a whole bunch of key word data rate, as you’re searching. I’m going to show you what it means. Let’s go to Google here, and we type in something like Los Angeles plumber, which I did in a previous video for keyword research. You see it gets 2,900 searches a month. The cost per click is about $47 and then this is, I believe how competitive it is.

Greg:                     Then also what’s cool was, it gets related keywords over here, along with all their stats. “People also searched for” over here. Then of course, our normal google stuff over here where we get our related keywords, again with the amount of searches, cost per click and competition. I believe that last one was competition. I don’t really use that. You can if you want. Same thing, if we go do another key word that I searched for earlier in this keyword research series we’re doing here. We can see this keyword gets 55,000 searches a month. Cost per click, $17, competition is a .86. My eyes are getting so bad, it’s crazy. And then of course when we go down here, here’s all the recommended searches and how many searches that they get per month. All right?

Greg:                     So that’s for Google. You can use it for Google. It also, same thing shows up in YouTube. “Best electronic cigarette”, and you see right here, 55,000 per month, $17 per click, blah blah blah, blah. Now these searches are based off Google, it’s not the exact for Youtube, I don’t think, as far as I know. But it can still give you a great idea of how many searches a certain keyword gets. So if you have no idea, this will at least give you an idea. These aren’t exact anyways, they’re estimates. But it’s pretty cool to be able to see that instantly. Not have to go into the Google keyword planner. Just when you search it, you instantly see it.

Greg:                     Same thing for, they don’t just covered Google and YouTube. It looks like they also cover Bing, Amazon. So a lot of you may be into Amazon. Or trying to do some competition analysis, or how many key word searches a keyword gets. Let’s do like electric skateboard. Or does it show? Here it is, right here. Volume 135,000 a month, cost per click, $55. Competition of one. All right, so this an awesome tool. I love it. Whenever I’m doing my initial keyword research to get those initial keyword ideas, I definitely look at this tool. I kind of use this stuff over here. Then of course, I dig deeper by doing what I showed you in the other video, My Biggest Keyword Research Trick. I’ll put the link for that video below.

Greg:                     But again, this plugin, totally free. I recommend it for everyone, it saves a ton of time and just gives you a whole bunch of information right at your fingertips. I haven’t even used it for other stuff that you can use it for. Which you guys can look into that on your own. But I hope you check out this plugin, and again, it’s free. Go download it.

Greg:                     Make sure you guys subscribe. Hit that bell, like, comment. I’ll see on the next video.


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