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The 1st Step Of Keyword Research

Greg:                     Alright. What is going on everyone? Greg here, OMG Machines. I am with Buddha. He reminds you, don’t be a dick. That means be nice to people, but it also means be sure to like, if you like this video, comment and subscribe, of course. We’ve got plenty more videos coming. So, one of the biggest questions I get from my students on keyword research is, “What’s your first step?” That’s what we’re going to be covering today. When I find a niche, I’m going to talk about the first thing that I do as far as starting to find the right keywords. Alright? So, let’s jump right into it.

Greg:                     Alright, so the first step of keyword research believe it or not is to use your brain. So, I’m going to give you a couple tips here. I usually start with stuff like best keyword or review. Okay. What I mean, so I’m deep in electronic cigarettes. So, stuff like “best electronic cigarette.” I’ll type that in, start getting ideas. Or “electronic cigarette review.” Okay? And we’ll notice when we type one of those keywords into Google … So, let’s type in “best electronic cigarette.” What’s going to happen is you’re going to get a bunch of different recommendations down here. So, you know, their recommendations are “best electronic cigarette UK,” “best e-cig vaporizer,” “e-cigarette brands list,” “best e-cig starter kit,” “best disposable e-cig,” “best e-cigarette 2018.” Stuff like that. Alright?

Greg:                     Now, that’s our starting point. That’s our first step is to use our brain and really a lot of the times, you’re not even going to have to, you can just start with “best” or “review.” I could also do “electronic cigarette review.” Alright? And I can also get ideas off that, off scrolling down here. And again, we see a lot of the same stuff. “Best e-cigarette year,” “e-cigarette price.” I wouldn’t want that. “E-cigarette brands list,” “best electronic cigarette UK,” “best e-cig vaporizer.” So, a lot of the same stuff. So, that’s our first step is using our brain and you always got to think of buyer intent when you’re thinking about these key words.

Greg:                     What I mean by that is you have to think, “Would this person typing this in be looking to buy something? Is there a chance they would buy something?” You know, the greater the chances they would buy something, then the better that keyword is. And then you just want to type in that keyword, start here. Now, I’m going to cover the rest of this in another video, which is simplifying keyword research, but for you, the first step should be just using your brain and typing in stuff that you … Like, type in stuff that you would use to get the product that you’re trying to promote. So, if I have a product, I don’t know, a shampoo product, what would you type in to buy that shampoo product? And start there.

Greg:                     Alright. So, good keywords to start with are “best” or “product review.” Product name if it’s an actual product name. For example, V2 Cigs is the name of an e-cigarette. Like, if you rank for the name of the brand, that’s going to convert well. Name of the brand plus review, of course. Things like that, alright? And then from there, just make sure that you think of how likely … Or what would I type in to buy this product? Or what would I search to buy this? Then you can get more ideas down here and then we can, you know, we’ll go further into this in the next video, which is simplifying keyword research. From here, it’s really easy. It’s easy to dig in and find … Like, this is just a very small list of keywords right here. In my next trick I’m going to show you in simplifying keyword research, I’m going to show you how to find all the most profitable keywords in the entire niche in like a minute.

Greg:                     It’s super simple. Everyone else does the hard work for us. As long as we think of this initial keyword, use our brain a little bit, what would we type in to, you know, find this product if we’re looking to buy? That’s our starting point. Alright? So, I’m going to cover the rest in the next video, simplifying keyword research. I’ll put the link below this video and you can to that video next, if you like. Hope you enjoyed this. See you all soon.


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